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Live 2 B Healthy® Vision:
“Bridge to Renewed Wellness”

Live 2 B Healthy® Mission Statement:
“To provide a proven, flexible approach to wellness through education, fitness and community.:

Live 2 B Healthy® Philosophy and Goals:
“We believe that a strong leadership starts with the individual. Each of us with Live 2 B Healthy® strives to embody these traits, and we choose to work with others who do the same.”:


Apply TodayIndependent Contractor/Certified Trainer:

trainer-residents-imageCertified Trainers customize and lead training classes on-site at senior residential communities. The trainer’s role is to design exercise classes appropriate to participants’ physical abilities; lead enjoyable, interactive, motivating and safe fitness classes; assess class participants’ progress 2 times per year.

Certified  Trainers ensure that senior residents use safe and proper form when exercising. Trainers encourage class participants to safely stretch their ‘comfort zone’ both physically and interpersonally, often encouraging senior residents to try fitness exercises exceeding what might be tried if the resident were working out alone.

Certified Trainers must be outgoing, personable, enthusiastic and positive. They must be willing and able to motivate a variety of individuals with varying physical and cognitive abilities.




Does this sound like an opportunity you might be successful at?   If you are currently seeking a  Trainer Certification, Live 2 B Healthy® has an agreement with NASM that qualifies trainers for special rates on certifications and CEUs.  Please email Kim Aquilo or click on the logo below for more information:

Already Certified?  Contact us to inquire about opportunities in your area.