Most Fit Live 2 B Healthy┬« Community­čĺ¬ (Trainers)

Our goal in this contest is to help all of our communities to increase participation in their Live 2 B Healthy® classes for the month of January.

Trainer Responsibilities:

  • You may encourage your community(ies) to participate, but you cannot register them.┬á A representative from the community must register their own community.┬á Here is a link you can provide the community if they wish to register.┬á Community Registration Link

    Goal Tracking Chart

  • The contest winner will be decided based upon the data entered into the CMS (by either Trainer or Regional Owner, depending upon individual processes).┬á If it is not entered into the CMS, it will not count.┬á However, for visualization for your community, you may wish to use a Goal Tracking Sheet like this one.┬á A customized one has been provided to your community management.┬á If you would like a copy for your use, simply email Marketing┬áand we will immediately send you the copy we have on file.
  • As always, make the class fun and challenging so that your participants will be excited to return to class again and again during the month of January – and beyond – and to invite friends to join them.


The community with the highest percentage increased total participation in their Live 2 B Healthy® classes will be the 2020 Most Fit Live 2 B Healthy® Community in the NATION!

The Trainer of the Most Fit Live 2 B Healthy® Community will win their choice of a FREE Live 2 B Healthy® trainer t-shirt.

The winning community will receive:

  • A Most Fit Live 2 B Healthy┬« Community Pop-up Banner
  • Specially-Designed Most Fit Live 2 B Healthy┬« Community Co-Branded Tri-folds
  • Exclusive use of the Most Fit Live 2 B Healthy┬« Community logo on all marketing materials (print and online)
  • Most Fit Live 2 B Healthy┬« Community Water Bottles for all Class Participants and Staff (Qty.100)
  • Most Fit Live 2 B Healthy┬« Community Party
  • Social media, press releases, feature newsletter article, prominently featured on our website
  • and more!

Contest Rules:

  1. Each community who wishes to participate must register online on or before January 1st, 2020.
  2. The winning community will be the one who increases their total participation number by the highest percentage over their 4th Quarter Average Total Participation.
  3. In the event of a tie, the winner will be determined by the HIGHEST NUMBER of NEW PARTICIPANTS added to the class.
  4. Participation will be tracked from January 1st – 31st, 2020.
  5. Trainer will track participation in the CMS as usual, being certain to enter any NEW PARTICIPANTS to the class
  6. Participants do not have to be residents of the community.┬á Outside visitors count as well (as long as their information is recorded by the Trainer).┬á Community staff can count if they actually participate in the entire class.┬á ParticipantÔÇÖs name must be recorded in the CMS by the trainer in order to be counted.
  7. Early in the first week of the competition, L2BH Marketing will email an average 4th Quarter Average Total Participation Number to each participating community representative designated on the entry form.
  8. The Trainer and the Regional Owner will also get a copy of the 4th Quarter Average Participation Number for each participating community, along with a graph that they can use to share progress information with their community throughout the month.
  9. The winner of the Most Fit Live 2 B Healthy® Community 2020 contest will be announced nationwide on  February 7th, 2020.  Winner will be notified by email, as well as social media announcements.
  10. The winning community will have the right to display the “MOST FIT Live 2 B Healthy┬« COMMUNITY 2020” logo on any and all marketing materials for the remainder of the year (February 7th – December 31st 2020)